Tips for healthy and beautiful lips

Tips for healthy and beautiful lips

The lips are one of the most expressive and seductive parts of our face. That's right, the physiology of the lips is different from that of the rest of the skin and that's why their care requires specific cosmetics of excellent quality.

Today, the dermo-pharmaceutical industry not only offers us diverse formulations and presentations of these products that are worth knowing well, but also new options in decorative lip cosmetics. In a challenging, day-to-day world, beautiful and well-cared lips are capable of significantly improving a person's natural beauty.

WAGS recommends you to follow these 5 steps to maintain beautiful and healthy lips.


1.- Exfoliate them: Exfoliating our lips is ideal to remove dead cells and will leave them super soft.

2.- Apply moisturizing products. You will manage to avoid dryness.

3.- Protect your lips from sun and cold. The skin on your lips is susceptible to damage during extreme weather, so be sure to protect your lips all year round to keep them soft and smooth.

4.- Choose a color that suits your skin. Lipsticks come in all colors of the rainbow and choosing the right shade can be a little confusing.

5.- Apply quality products that ensure the ideal care and visual impact for your lips and this is the main objective of WAGS, you will be able to observe it in its beneficial properties:

Fast Drying, Kiss proof, Long Wearing, Vegan, Fast drying, Paraben Free, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free

In addition, each shade of lipstick offered is perfectly suited to all skin types, offering an excellent and healthy look.


"The most important element to have a desired smile...are perfect, sensual and magnificent lips"



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