Goodbye, dark circles, it's time to improve our image!

Goodbye, dark circles, it's time to improve our image!

Yes, of course, we all want a well-groomed and healthy face. First of all, what is the reason for dark circles under the eyes, according to various dermatologists is mainly due to vascular issues, this means that it is caused by an increase in the number and thickness of the blood vessels in the skin under the eyes, so we can define it as
of a vasodilation.

Of course, it''s important to rest, relax, take care of yourself and, of course, eat.

Don't worry, here we will share a few tips to delicately treat this area and get a fresh and spectacular result.

Okay, we have to make a promise; from now on we have to fulfill at least one routine of care and attention for our skin daily, remember: The most important thing to eliminate dark circles under the eyes is give small massages in the area and get enough sleep, no more stress. 

1-. Eye contour.
2-. Sun protection.
3-. Cold mask.
4-. Almond oil.
5-. Cucumber.
6.- Cold temperature tea bags.
7.- Remove make-up very well daily.
8.- Avoid rubbing your eyes.
9.- Rest a little from the screens.
10.- Take it easy.

Apply constantly and notice how these dark spots under your eyes gradually disappear. We are ready to shine, until the next time! 


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