Let's reveal a secret!

Let's reveal a secret!

Has it happened to you?

You wake up happy, cheerful with attitude and desire to perform a GOOD MAKE-UP... Suddenly the experience becomes stressful, because the finish is not the desired.

Today we will share with you little tips for using the beauty blender!

1- It' s very important that you take into consideration that the sponge must get wet, this will help to increase the volume, be softer and during application, should not absorb so much makeup.

2- Remember: make soft taps, to apply the makeup in the skin, do not spread the makeup with the sponge, make small and light touches on the skin by pressing gently.

3- These tips will help you get a little makeup on the back of the
hand and dip it in the beauty blender.

PLUS: We usually get used to the use of the makeup to apply base and corrector.

But a beauty blender has a great versatility, it serves for more!

That's right, she's perfect for contour the face and for applying the illuminator or blush.

Follow always this rule: take into consideration that you must first use the with tip to apply the product on the face and then with the rounded part works the product. The sponge can also be use to apply powders, eye shadows and even lipstick.

Remember to check out our website, and of course, buy it. See you next time!


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