Have you ever wondered... When was the first lipstick created?

Have you ever wondered... When was the first lipstick created?

That's right, today we will talk a little bit about this great unknown.

The iconic packing was created in 1915 and many attribute its invention to the American Maurice Levy. In 1923 the first spinning container was patented, also in the U.S., by James Bruce Mason Jr. That's how in the 1930's, Max Factor marketed the first lip glosses.

"Beauty as a weapon of war" is this great phrase familiar to you? That's right, this campaign was a BOOM for that time, it was created to raise morale during the Second World War, very own, very particular, very strong.

"Beauty is your duty!" was a slogan of the time, which sought to give a good image of the country abroad. This launch gave a twist to the success of the creators, thus achieving a large female audience, just like that! So much so that the women at that time, who did not have the purchasing power to buy lipstick, used soot, charcoal and even beets to paint their lips.

And any leftover lipstick was recycled: all the remains were melted in a jar so that they would solidify again.

In ancient times, it was used by the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. They carried it from Cleopatra to Nero's wife, which was quite impressive, right? In those days it was a paste composed of waxes, binders like the egg and colorants extracted from rocks, roots or insects, which was not very effective.

The solution arrived!, it consisted of a metal case with a stop that allowed the carmine to rise as it was worn out. This is how the lipstick was born modern and, with it, one of the gestures universally associated with femininity, that of dyeing the mouth in one stroke as a daily One third of Spanish women, according to a study by L'Oréal. Every year 900 million units of Levy's invention are sold worldwide and only the MAC brand delivers one every two seconds. From that moment on, the world turned in a creative way making several campaigns to encourage the use of this great cosmetic, cinemas, showing their big stars with a new look, feminist movements, catwalks, among others.

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